Rebecca and Russell Dobash (UK)

When Men Murder Women

Using evidence from our Murder Study, we will focus on Three Types of Murder: Intimate Partner Murder, Sexual Murder, and the Murder of Older Women. The focus on each type of murder will include: The contexts and circumstances at the time of the murder and the murder event itself. In addition, we will examine the lifecourse of the male perpetrators including childhood, adulthood, and in prison which will include issues of empathy, remorse, and personal change and reform.

Rebecca & Russell Dobash, emeritus professors, University of Manchester, UK, have published 11 books and numerous articles on violence, gender and murder. 

Their first book, Violence Against Wives  (Free Press, 1979) was groundbreaking and helped establish the field of research about violence against women. Women, Violence and Social Change , (Routledge, 1992) examined the ‘battered women’s movement’ in the UK & USA. Women Viewing Violence , with Philip Schlesinger and C. Kay Weaver (British Film Institute, 1992) examined women’s views about violence against women in the media. Changing Violent Men (Sage, 2000) evaluated the nature and effectiveness of abuser programmes for men convicted of violence against a woman partner. When Men Murder Women (Oxford University Press, 2015) includes: intimate partner murders, sexual murders, the murders of older women, and the lifecourse of the perpetrators from childhood to adulthood and in prison. 

Male-Male Murder (Routledge, 2020), examines Five Types of male-male murder: (Confrontational/Fighters; Murders for Money; Family Murders; Sexual Murders; Murders of Older Men), and the Lifecourse of the perpetrators (Childhood, Adulthood and In-Prison).

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