MarieKathrine Poppel (GL)



MarieKathrine Poppel is Assistant Professor since 2007 at Department of Social Work, Institute of Social Science, Economics and Journalism, Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland. Head of Department of Social Work 2012-2013.

MarieKathrine is writing her doctoral dissertation on Men’s violence against women in intimate relations in Greenland (to be delivered in the beginning of 2020). She was guest researcher at Institute of Criminology, University of Oslo, September-October 2008 and guest lecturer at University of Victoria, UVIC, Institute of Social Work. Victoria, BC, September 2010.

MarieKathrine Poppel has published a number of articles and book chapters on gender equality (most recently Are Women Taking over Power and Labour from Men? Gender Relations in Pre- and Post-colonial Greenland (2015); Changes in gender roles in Greenland and perceived contributions to the household (2015); Citizenship Practices (2014)). She has also published a number of articles and book chapters on gender and violence. She is the editor of the book Køn og Vold i Grønland (Gender and Violence in Greenland ) (2005).

MarieKathrine has been part of research teams on gender equality as well as domestic violence and participated in the Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic, SLiCA as a member of the Greenland research team, as a national organizer of the regional interview efforts and as an author on articles based on SLiCA findings.

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