Frank Mullane (UK)

Is It All About Status?

AAFDA both helps families after domestic homicide and learns from these killings to prevent domestic homicides and domestic abuse. AAFDA provides specialist and expert advocacy and peer support to the families. We develop the methodologies of reviews into domestic homicides and we work with agencies to develop their capabilities. We believe that the status of three parties needs to be raised so that we create effective Domestic Homicide Reviews.

Frank is the CEO of Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse (AAFDA). Founded in 2008, AAFDA is a centre of excellence for reviews after domestic homicide and for specialist peer support. Frank helped ensure Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) became law, was asked by government to help develop the model and continues to work closely with the Home Office to enhance the methodology. 

From its inception in 2011, AAFDA has been a member of the national panel that quality assures DHRs and Frank is a Home Office appointed reader (provides assessments of DHRs to the panel). Since 2011, Frank has assessed c. 700 of these reviews. He is a Home Office accredited Chair for DHRs and trains others to undertake them. Frank is a member of the national Victims’ Panel chaired by the Justice Minister and was on the assessment panel for the recruitment of the first ever (Designate) Domestic Abuse Commissioner.

He co-authored a book Domestic Abuse, Homicide and Gender: Strategies for Policy and Practice (2014) and has had three chapters published in different books, including in Domestic Homicide and Death Reviews (2017) and When Parents Kill Children (2018).  He has developed a model for helping families to be integral to reviews after domestic homicide, thought to be unique in the world. He is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Gloucestershire (outstanding work on domestic violence and homicide). He gave a keynote speech at the third European conference on domestic abuse in Oslo in September 2019.

Frank’s sister Julia and nephew William Pemberton were murdered in 2003. Frank previously worked as a business consultant and is a qualified accountant.

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