Catherine Richardson/Kinewesquao (CA)

Ecocide, Genocide, Femicide; Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada

Dr. Richardson will discuss some of the links between ecocide, the for-profit destruction of mother earth, genocide, the murder of Indigenous and other peoples, and femicide, the widespread killing of women.  The “disappearance” of Indigenous women is an ongoing crisis in Canada, where public institutions – policing, the justice system, child protection, government regulators, extractive industries – have consistently failed to protect and provide justice to Indigenous people.  These forms of violence are closely connected, practically and ideologically: Resistance to one depends upon resistance to all

Dr. Catherine Richardson/Kinewesquao is a therapist, researcher, activist and an author.  She is the Director of First Peoples Studies at Concordia University in Montreal and a co-founder of the Centre for Response-Based Practice. Cathy is Métis with Cree, Dene and Gwichin ancestry. She teaches counsellors and social workers and promotes system change and decolonization in all areas of social services.

Cathy is a lead researcher for a number of current studies, such as the Quebec Youth Network Chair, the Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevent Initiative with Vulnerable Populations; and documenting promising practices for Indigenous transition housework (FRIDAA).  Cathy is the winner of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Indigenous Practice Award in 2019 and she is a co-organizer of the Dignity conferences.  She is currently working on three books which should be available in 2020.  Cathy was a Green Party candidate in the Quebec provincial election in 2018.

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