Data privacy

Data Controller

Dansk Kvindesamfunds Krisecentre, Vodroffsvej 40, DK1900 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

Personal Information Collected

When you sign up to attend DIGNITY2020 we collect and store the following:

  • IP address

  • Name

  • Phone number and email address

  • Country

  • Dietary preferences that you selected during signup


We use your personal information to organize and host DIGNITY2020.

Third Party Access

We may transfer your personal information to third parties if it is required in order to organize and host DIGNITY2020. Examples of such transfers include printing of attendee lists and name tags, or ordering meals for attendees with special dietary preferences.

We may also transfer your personal information to third parties if it is required by legislation, or if you grant permission to transfer the information to a third party.

Data Processors

We use the following data processors:

  • Stickleback, Stolpehøj 62, DK2820 Gentofte, Denmark, CVR 29432473

We have data processing agreements with the above ensuring that your personal information is processed according to this data privacy policy.

Data Retention

We will store your personal information as long as necessary in order to fulfill the above purpose. Your personal information will be permanently erased no later than 12 months after the completion of DIGNITY2020.

Your Rights

The General Data Protection Regulation grants you certain rights:

  • The right to access or receive a copy of your personal information

  • The right to have errors in your personal information corrected

  • The right to have your personal information erased when it is no longer needed in order to fulfill the purpose above

Please note that there are conditions and limitations that apply to the above rights. E.g. you may be required to pay a fee in order to access or receive a copy of your personal information.

If you request erasure of your personal information, we will complete the erasure process as quickly as possible. However, there may be legal obligations og technical limitations that prevent us from erasing your personal information immediately upon request.


Please contact the Danish Data Protection Agency if you wish to make a complaint about our handling of your personal information.

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